Wednesday, 19 March 2008

BBC Football blogs

I like a good footy game. Not attached to any particular club myself, just nice to see good football. Which is why I particularly enjoyed Middlesbrough v Cardiff in the FA Cup.

I didnt take delight in Boro playing like a bag of ole you know what. It was how well Cardiff played on the day for a championship side. Dont worry, I wont start coining phrases like 'Thats what makes the FA Cup so...'.

Anyway sorry, to the point, a few days ago I was visiting the BBC Football page just before the Champions League Quarter Final draw was about to happen. What they do is post some choice comments from the blog conversation onto the results page before the results actually come up, which to be honest is sometimes a bit more entertaining than the draw itself.

Check out comments 1100, 1145 and 1152 from this.

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