Monday, 17 March 2008

Do you ReSharper?

I'm not a massive techy, but do like the occasional Dilbert or xkcd. For the most part, I write code in C#. Which means that at one point or another, youre going to have to deal with ReSharper. The question is, to ReSharper or not to ReSharper.

For starters, as a relative noob to ReSharper, heres a list of pros and cons that I've found so far:
  1. Right clicking to run NUnit unit tests, is very useful, and the UI aint too bad either.
  2. Debugging straight into a unit test via the bug icon.
  3. Double clicking the unit test and being taken straight to the coded unit test.
  4. Being able to navigate straight to the implementation of an interface, rather than the interface itself.
  5. Showing the unused using statements was good until VS 2008.
  1. It seems to me that the whole Dev team needs to buy into it, if they dont, the ones who do use it will see twenty zillion red/orange and yellow warnings down the right hand side.
  2. ReSharper seems to get in the way of a few UI events. For instance, I'm one for double clicking a word to highlight it for copying etc. This can become hard when ReSharper is trying to respond to whats on the line and what it thinks you what to know about.
So anyway, I'm using it mainly for the unit test functionality and partly just for the sanity of collegues. I'm sure I'll pick up all the shortcuts etc and other gems it can offer.

Its one of those things that proves no-one knows it all, and you'll see someone do something and think, ah, now thats nice.

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