Friday, 21 March 2008

Largest (censored) online population?

I caught a news item on The Register recently about how China is now the largest online population.

Now thats all very well, but the now 'largest online population' is actually a heavily censored one as the BBC reports back in 2006.

Ever wondered how bad the censourship is? Check out these side by side tests by Philipp Lenssen. Philipp also comments today that news from Tibet has been completely excluded.

I've got a built-in dislike for countries who do this, probably because I live in a country that doesnt ask Google to censor. I'm so used to finding what I want when I want it. But hold on there Mr. ILiveInAWonderfulPlace.... what about tv censorship? film censorship? They happen in your wonderful country, arent those the same things?

Why, for instance, when your watching Smokey And The Bandit on a sunday afternoon do they feel it necessary to remove the words 'Nice Ass' and replace with 'Nice Lady'? You have to wonder, especially when it seems you can get away with saying 'Cr*p' on the radio these days. I'm not sure if 'Nice Ass' comes even close to that.

Maybe with the countrywide adoption of digit tv, programme broadcasters could actually specify what the rating for the programme is, and you could set the acceptable level on your box?

Ofcourse I'm actually talking about different types of censorship there, so back to Google... But it does seem that they did start regretting the move a year later as the Guardian reports.

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