Thursday, 20 March 2008

Red Dwarf 20 Years Old

For a show thats now reportidly 20 years old, I dont get bored of watching Red Dwarf. I own all the series on dvd.

I'm not sure if it appeals to the techy in me or not, but its right up there with Spaced in my list of favorite TV shows. Anyone who hasnt seen either of them should definately give them a shot.

Hattie Hayridge just edges it as my favorite Holly (although Norman Lovett does have his moments in series 1 and 2). I saw her doing live standup once. I wouldnt say shes brilliant, not bad is as far as I'd go, but thats a good rating when the standup bar is set so high these days.

For me, Red Dwarf writing, acting and filming was at its most creative from Series 3-5. The adventures are just excellent, and if your into Red Dwarf already, I can definatley recommend the out takes they bundle with the dvds. I've also read the book Better Than Life a number of times.

I guess although I like all the cast actors, Chris Barrie as Arnold J Rimmer has to get the highest rating for playing such a sad, weezley smeghead so well. I've seen all of the main cast in other shows, but the most bizare was Danny John-Jules in StoryMakers for CBeebies!

Would I love a reform of the cast for another series.. problem is, its never like it was is it, take the Carry On franchise.

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